Working with VVAS

What does a specifier do? I support other architects. In the course of preparing specifications, I:
  • Establish performance and sustainability criteria
  • Seek out products and systems to meet the criteria
  • Recommend materials and systems
  • Integrate compatible systems
  • Document the team's selections
  • Help enforce the criteria and the selections during contract administration
As an experienced project architect in architectural and interior design work, I began preparing architectural specifications in 2001. I served as specifications leader for the Northwest US region of Gensler, an international architecture and design firm, where I helped develop the firm's LEED documentation requirements and sustainable design specifications.

That full-service, on-your-team approach to specification services continues as the heart of VVAS. For each project, I work closely with architects to ensure that the design intent and project requirements are communicated in the specifications and coordinated with the drawings. Service doesn't stop at the Issue for Construction; my teams count on me for assistance with substitution requests and submittal interpretation during construction.

Product Guide Specifications: I also use my architectural and specifying skills to help building product manufacturers. I prepare guide specifications and technical marketing materials the way design professionals like to see them. I share my experience with manufacturers to help them get their products into designs and specifications. I identify LEED opportunities and sustainable design strategies, to help manufacturers integrate their products into designers' green processes.

Specialties: Architectural and interior design specifications, general construction materials research, sustainable design, leadership in specification practice.
Project Locations: As a longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I know the physical and jurisdictional challenges of Northern California especially well. But my experience has taken me, virtually, to the four corners of the US and occasionally to China. I've been honored to serve repeat clients with multiple locations, including Seattle, Chicago, and New York City.

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Phone: 415-244-6756

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