April 20, 2016

VVAS Incorporated!

Just a snapshot of the paperwork and office supplies.
Today is an anniversary for VVAS - We've been incorporated for a year, as of today!

For about six years, it had been enough challenge to run a sole proprietorship from home. But as the work has grown and I've needed more help to do it all, the business started outgrowing that little niche. I've been enjoying the SBA-supported business advice of the Marin Small Business Development Center, and a few of my fellow architectural entrepreneurs have gone before me out of sole prop status and lived to tell the tale (Boiled Architecture, Emily Borland, and EntreArchitect, to name a few). I also had in the back of my mind a 2012 CSI education session that stuck with me, given by Leslie Shiner on building a business that would allow me to retire someday. That'll probably be a couple of decades from now, but the idea was planted - I would rather grow the business than keep it to myself.