December 31, 2015

New Office!

Well, it's new to me...
But wait! There's more! The 2015 Year In Review continues with the exciting news that VVAS opened a new office in June. The home office still serves its purpose, but getting the business out of the house feels terrific!

The new office is a fourth floor room in the fantastic old Albert Building in downtown San Rafael, with north facing windows looking out on the mission's bell tower and the hills beyond. There's plenty of room for Glenda and me, with sit-stand desks, a guest station, and a little lunch table. We can't get enough of the old-fashioned hall position indicator on the elevator and the brass letter drop. It's a pretty sweet spot for an architectural specs practice. 

I miss my seven-foot commute, some days, but it's walking distance from the house (now that the knee is coming back!) and I still never hit traffic. Of course, it also means that Glenda can work even if I'm not there; that's one feature it's hard to get in a home office. There's a little more furniture to find before the office-warming party, but we're already enjoying welcoming guests for visits.