May 23, 2015

Changes Afoot!

Not my feet. Not my deck. Not far off, except for the rain.
There's been a lot going on at VVAS lately. Here's a taste of what we've been up to. (Look out, we specifiers love lists!)

We've been:

  • Moving into a new server.
  • Moving into a new office.
  • Welcoming a new specifier.
  • Speaking at the CSI Academies.
  • Gearing up to speak at CONSTRUCT 2015.
  • Writing lots and lots of specs!
All this has led to a drought of blog posts nearly as dry as the California weather, but we hope to be back on our blogging feet soon with more on at least some of the news above.

Photo Credit: 40+255 Thunderstorms by Bark on Flickr.