February 23, 2013

Naïve Design

We technical designers make a sport of bemoaning the cluelessness of aesthetic designers. My colleague Louis Medcalf tweeted a common complaint, the type we make when we are frustrated: 
But there are some designers who might fervently disagree, and I've started referring to their approach as naïve design. This post explores the theoretical position of naïve design and offers tips for success. Don't worry: your innocence won't be spoiled if you read on.

February 5, 2013

Anderson Todd

Perhaps I did have an inkling that Anderson Todd was important during my years at Rice.

I spent some time at my dad's house this week scanning pictures, and found this: a 1992 B.Arch. graduation-day photo of Andy and me. There were no other photos of professors. Boyfriend, friends I've lost touch with, parents, buildings, project models... and Andy.

Photo Credit: William Volz, 1992.