August 9, 2017

Slip Resistance = Love

I wrote a slideshow in response to a call for Pecha Kucha style presentations to CSI's Specifications Practice Group. We were asked to present something we're passionate about. I'm passionate about safety, and I was working on a project with a special safety challenge - a footwashing station with a stone floor.

How could I be passionate about dynamic coefficient of friction, you ask? Take a look. It's a quick flip.

A word about photo credits - I gathered all the photos in this presentation from Flickr's Creative Commons License zone, at the time of the presentation. When I went back to give everyone credit for their images, a few weren't there anymore. Flickr changed its license agreement with its users during the interim, and many artists took their work down. Most of the images are credited, but a few are not. If you recognize an image and can help me give credit for it, please let me know! 


  1. Very cool! Thanks.

  2. I sell flooring. The below YouTube is perhaps the best education I've ever had on slip resistance. It taught me a lot. Thought you would find it informative.


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